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Mixed-Signal IC Design Services

If you need to sense the world around you, we specialize in sensor design including front-end amplification, digitizing analog signals and all peripheral circuit blocks for a complete sensor solution.

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Product Feasibility Analysis

Ideas could potentially lead to great products, and we can help analyze how key design specifications can be implemented in a great product.

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Post-Silicon Debug

There are only so many probe points after a chip is fabricated, and finding root cause and corrective action for design bugs can be challenging. We have extensive debug experience and can help find sources of issues and recommend solutions.


Quality, Efficiency, Simplicity, is why you choose Route Silicon.

We not only care about providing industry standard mixed-signal integrated circuit design services but we place a strong emphasis on our customer relations, because together we can find challenging engineering solutions.

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Whether you’re curious about our services, or blog posts, we’re here to answer any questions.

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